HUGE Stage6 Red Air Filter for Most Carbs
Gigantor Stage6 Racing Red Dual Moped Stage Air Filter

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Pretty much the biggest baddest filter there is! This thing is massive, so keep that in mind. Double layer racing air filter from Stage6 with 2 layers of high quality foam with differing porosity for excellent air flow and optimum filtration. The idea with the two layers (also called "dual stage") is that the flow will be optimized at both high and low speeds. The perfect air filters for tuned / race engines. They come with several adapters: stock adapter is 55mm the extras are: 30mm, 42mm, 45mm and 49mm - so they are basically compatible with most carburetors on the market including Mikuni VM's, Mikuni TM's, Dellorto SHA's, and Dellorto PHBG's.

Filter dimensions:
-150mm long
-147mm wide
-95mm around

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