HK Puch E50 Kevlar Racing Clutch
HK Puch E50 Kevlar Racing Clutch

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HK Kevlar Clutch for Puch E50!

Finally a great E50 race clutch with drop-in fitment! For pedal start E50 engines (not kickstart). Works with your stock (or stock-type) E50 clutch bell. The stock brass clutch bushing will wear out pretty fast on a high performance engine, though, so we'd recommending running this with a needle bearing clutch bell.

Here's what's up:
  • Kevlar shoes
  • Brace plate already installed
  • Comes with red springs
  • Adjustment screws work like a stock Puch clutch

It is highly recommended that you use purpose-designed Two Cool CTF-R transmission fluid with this. Probably a good idea to grab an extra E50 clutch cover gasket or two if you're going to be disassembling and re-assembling your transmission.

While these are a bit less intense than the Puch Tomar clutch we sell, they are still a race-oriented clutches. While many people are known to run these on street builds, expect more regular maintenance than with stock or stock-ish clutch setups.

These Hank Kok clutches have dominated Mofa Racing in Europe for some time, so we're psyched to have them stateside!

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