NOS Grey Magura 2 Knarp Throttle with Brake Lever
NOS Grey Magura 2 Knarp Moped Throttle with Brake Lever

Lucky Price: $34.99


this is an ORIGINAL german quality NOS OEM throttle assembly found on many bikes like early puch maxi, sachs, kreidler, 70's tomos and lots of other mopeds too. check it out, see if its for you! NOT a reproduction or china copy!!!

you know how these always get loose when the clamp gets tightened down one too many times and you shove some beer can shims in there? yeah, no more doing that! get a new old stock one here!

works with this brake pin!

*these may come with a brake button that probably doesnt work or might have damage or might not even come with one. its old, real, and sitting around for many years. if it works its a bonus!! That said most will prob work, but if it doesn't we're not sending you a free one. also, the grey coating will have some pitting and scratches, give em a break, they are PROBABLY older than you!!!*

**ALSO these are dirty and have been kicking around some warehouses for many years, as you can see in the photos, there are small nicks and scratches on em!**

comes with clamp bolt, lever bolt with special nylon nut and even brake lever return spring!!!

normal 7/8" handlebar size

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