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Lucky 2 strokes specializes in vintage moped repairs and service. We offer a variety of services to keep you and your ped on the road:

- Diagnostics/simple repairs: $65 an hour.
- Tire/tube installation: $22 per tire.
- Engine rebuild: $175 [does not include price of bearings/seals].
- Cylinder kit installation: $125 plus $65 per hour for case matching if required.
- Case matching: $65 per hour.
- Moped storage: $60 a month [kept on-site in tempered building and prepped properly for storage].

We also offer custom fabrication & welding on a per job basis. Come in to chat or e-mail [info@lucky2strokes.com] us for quotes.

A $65 deposit is due upon bike drop-off. That deposit covers the first hour of labor and is deducted from the total cost of the over all repair. Any additional required labor or parts is approved via telephone or email prior to the work being done. In the event that we are unable to contact you for approval of additional labor or parts we will hold the job until contact is made. The prices above are for labor only and do not include parts unless otherwise noted.

Hey read this! yeah you right there - due to the high volume of repairs we do and the limited space that we have we charge $35 per day after the first 48 hours after we have informed you that your bike is ready.

Disclaimer: If you bring in your moped for performance enhancements please be familiar with Massachusetts moped laws. All bikes with performance enhancements are no longer considered street legal and must be dedicated to off-road use only or registered according to its new vehicle class. Massachusetts RMV moped laws can be found [here]. If you are coming from out of state, please research your states individual moped laws.