33mm Adjustable Fork Top Nut for YZ80 + CR80 + KX80 + RM80
33mm Adjustable Racing Fork Top Nut

Lucky Price: $34.99


Adjustable fork top nut for mopeds using dirt bike front end conversions (and obviously for the dirt bikes themselves)! Works on bikes with 33mm forks, typically Yamaha YZ80, Suzuki RM80, Kawasaki KX80, and Honda CR80.

This replaces your worn / beat up shrader valves with a bombproof anodized fork nut - adjustable preload settings for the track! We used these on all of the L2S Race Team bikes with great results - proven performance for track and street.
Adjustability is optional, so you can leave your springs at the stock preload setting OR use the adjustment, your choice!

1mm pitch. Comes in anodized black or anodized blue.

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