CLONE 15mm Bing Carburetor
Clone 15mm Bing Moped Carburetor

Lucky Price: $51.99


From your friends at C.R.A.P - Cloned Reproduction Awful Parts a 15mm bing copy. We got it here just in case you're into that kind of thing. Half the price of the original twice the chance it'll piss you off.

Uses all the same internals, bowl, and top as a regular bing, so get out your spare parts!

No really, these are okay just as long as you swap out most of the internals, chop the tab off the float, throw away the jet that it comes with and be super, super gentle with it word even has it that this new batch of C.R.A.P carbs are way better than they used to be and are revered by the MOFA folks overseas.

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