Derbi Flatreed 44mm 65cc Airsal Cylinder Kit
Derbi Flatreed Moped 44mm 65cc Airsal Cylinder Kit

Lucky Price: $149.99


44mm 65cc Airsal cylinder kit for Derbi flatreed engines. The porting on this is awesome - 3 big transfers with 6 auxiliary booster ports and a huge exhaust. Aluminum cylinder body with nikasil lining the bore.

Kit includes:
-Dual ringed 44mm piston
-44mm x 1.5mm - GI piston rings
-12mm wrist pin and clips
-2x m6 exhaust studs
-Gasket kit [head, base and exhaust]

**PLEASE NOTE** This cylinder will not work with a stock Derbi head. The bore is too large and overlaps on a stock derbi heads decompression channel. You'll need to block off the decomp or get a different head.

With a base plate spacer to align the port timing correctly and just a little bit of outside fin reduction, you can use this cylinder on a Peugeot 103 engine!

Airsal 02080244

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