KOSO Digital Moped Volt Meter Gauge
KOSO Digital Moped Volt Meter Gauge

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Extra slim low profile digital voltmeter by Koso for checking the voltage coming out of your 12v CDI or battery. Compact, easy-to-read LCD display Displays voltage within 8-18V range. When the voltage is lower than 11.5V, the meter will flash to warn you. Use this to monitor your water cooling setup - don't want that to fail on the track!

Red wire is the power lead and the black wire goes to ground. You'll definitely want to wire this through a regulator so you don't blow out the LED light. Comes with two wire splicers for easy wire installation. Comes with installation booklet with all relevant information to set this up in no time. You will want to make a special bracket and grab some velcro to mount it to your bracket.

Gauge dimensions:
-27mm tall
-56.4mm wide
-11mm depth


-Digital display voltmeter
-Wire for back light
-Wiring splice blocks for easy wiring installation
-16.5 inches of wire
-Velco strip for easy attachment on your bike

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