Malossi 70cc Kit for Yamaha QT50
Malossi 70cc Kit for Yamaha QT50
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here at long last is the yamaha QT50 yamahopper kit! it's a 70cc 45.5mm cast iron kit. originally made for the yamaha STING SG50, this actually fits perfectly on yamahopper QT50, TRI ZINGER YT60, TOWNY MJ50 and i believe the PW50 as well. comes with everything pictured, cylinder, piston, ring, wrist pin, clips and gasket set.

get a hi compression head here! If you want to use this head, be sure your spark plug is the correct model. this head uses short plugs like these. do not use the wrong plug length AND check and recheck your squish and the spacing before you run this head with this setup. or suffer the consequences. the stock head is totally usable on this setup as well, it is all in your hands, don't destroy your new kit. check everything out before you run it and destroy it. if you don't have a lot of experience with spacing things out use the stock head for now.

also probably a good idea to read this thread to get some more ideas on spacing and necessary modifications.

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