Mikuni TM28 Flat Slide Carburetor
Mikuni TM28 Flat Slide Moped Carburetor

Lucky Price: $109.99


Mikuni TM28 performance carb for many mopeds and small motorcycles. Uses standard Mikuni Large Hex main jets. 44mm OD on the back for air filter mounting. 31mm OD on the front for the hose mounting.

This carburetor works well with two-stroke scooters running aggressive cylinder kits 50cc-90cc, and is preferred by many worldwide for 50cc racing applications [like the Malossi MHR Team Cylinder for Derbi Euro 2 / Euro 3, which has won countless races.]

We run one of these on the Lucky Team Racing Derbi GPR paired with a 72cc cylinder. Pretty much unbeatable in terms of performance - the only other carburetor that we run in this range is the Dellorto VHST 28mm. The Mikuni TM series offers a whole lot of bang for the buck! This carb is super easy to use and maintain - some even say that Mikuni's can tune themselves! In the event that yours doesn't, get some jets.

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