Motul 800 - 1 Quart
Motul 800 - 1 Quart
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The best moped 2 stroke oil money can buy. This is what we use in our race bikes and shop builds. The fully synthetic oil blend provides the ultimate lubrication for both stock and performance bikes. It burns cleaner with less smoke and reduces carbon build up in your ports and on your piston head.

Direct from Motul: Specially formulated for the Road Racing Grand Prix Team. 100% ester synthetic. Reinforced with 2 different types of ester, provides excellent lubrication under the severest conditions. One of the best 2-stroke lubricants used for races all over the world, excellent film strength that enhances engine output.

Run this at a 50:1 ratio. That's 2.6oz - 3oz of oil per gallon of gas.

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