Sachs 504 & 505 Lucky Performance Clutch Disc
NEW Sachs 504 & 505 Moped Clutch DIscs
Lucky Price: $12.99


New upgraded Sachs clutch disc set for 504 and 505 clutches! Tested in both single-speed automatic and 2-speed manual-shift Sachs 504 and 505 engines.

Sachs takeoff has always been a bit of an issue, and we've found the missing piece to the puzzle. Lock characteristics are much improved over the OEM clutch discs, which means you can get into gear faster on automatic engines without sacrificing RPM. These will also hold more power at high RPM's, reducing slip on performance engines.

On 2-speed manual Sachs engines, there tends to be a 'pull-down' effect when shifting into gear (RPM's drop during engagement).

THESE ARE SOLD INDIVIDUALLY. You will need two discs for your sachs, if you buy one yah get one. just an fyi. 3.4mm thick.

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