Puch 45mm 70cc Airsal Cylinder Kit
Puch Moped 45mm 70cc Airsal Cylinder Kit

Lucky Price: $84.99



45mm 70cc airsal kit for puch e-50 and za50. This is an insanely fast cylinder for the cost. You can literally just slap it on and do 40mph + or you can take the time to case match and push even more revvs out of it.

Kit Includes:
-45mm 70cc cylinder
-45mm piston
-45mm x 1.5mm GI piston ring
-12mm wrist pin + clips
-Intake and exhaust studs
-Gasket set [base, head, intake and exhaust]

It's easy to install as far as kits go, adds solid power across the entire rev range, and pairs well with a large variety of carburetors and exhausts. While you can run this cylinder with a stock pipe or carburetor, performance won't be the best - we'd recommend upgrading to a 15mm-20mm carburetor and an expansion-chamber exhaust. If you're building on a budget, the Mikuni VM18 and Tecno Boss are solid choices.

Grab a matching aftermarket 70cc head.

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