Puch Copper Annealed 70cc 38mm - 43mm Head Gasket
Puch Copper Annealed 70cc Head Gasket
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copper head gasket for 50cc puch cylinder kits and more!

this head gasket is the way to go. it has a raised lip that is compressed and helps guarantee a perfect seal. this also helps increase the transfer rate of heat away from the combustion zone because the thermal expansion rate of a traditional aluminum head gasket is that of a mere 200 W·m−1·K−1 vs upwards of 401 W·m−1·K−1 for copper. make sense?

should work perfectly on tomos A3/A35 mopeds too! just keep in mind the holes are for 6mm studs though, so you would have to be crafty and open them up somehow...this is also perfect for morini m1, m01 and m02

0.2mm thick

the actual ID of this head gasket is 43mm so it's safe to use on 38 - 43mm cylinders. score if you have a 42mm malossi or eurocilinro or athena!!!!!!!

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