Puch Polini 64cc Reedvalve Cylinder Kit
Puch Moped Polini 64cc Reedvalve Cylinder Kit

Lucky Price: $288.99



Puch polini 64cc reedvalve cylinder kit for maxi, magnum, newport, pinto, swinger whatever. Fits on your e50 or za50. Slap it on and run it as is, or case match it for the best performance. Here's an awesome guide for porting this cylinder on mopedarmy.

Comes with cylinder, 43.5mm piston, piston ring [43.5mm x 1.2mm - GI], wrist pin and clips, reed block and hardware, two exhaust studs, an intake for bing carbs and a full gasket set.

Words from the Wizards: you should be able to easily slide the piston through the cylinder once all the intake bolts are tightened. If you can, then you need to get shorter bolts.
ALSO! Polini pistons are not all interchangeable. Your cylinder will be marked with a letter A, B, C or D. Make sure to always buy the piston for the letter marked on your cylinder or smaller. For example: if you have a "C" polini cylinder you can use a "B" or "C" piston. If you have a "B" polini cylinder you can use an "A" or "B" piston. If you have an "A" polini cylinder you can only use "A" pistons. Phew. Lesson over time for recess.

Get a custom machined head for full brappyness
Get the best head gasket money can buy
Get a replacement piston if you need one

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