Puch Un-stuffed Race Crank
Puch Moped e50 Magnum Moped Un-stuffed Race Crank

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Through extensive use and testing, we've determined that this is one of the best of the performance crankshafts available for the Puch E50 engine - proven in both our #8 and #21 Puch race bikes which have won multiple US MopedGP championships as well as the 2016 Tomahawk Cup.

Being an "unstuffed crank" means slightly lower crankcase compression allowing more rapid acceleration than the Teflon / Aluminum "stuffed" crankshafts, and the cranks longevity is consistently better over many engine rebuilds [we rebuild after every race] than the comparable Rito / Top racing crankshafts.

We have yet to shear / strip the clutch or ignition sides of this crank, even with high powered impact drivers. The needle bearings that come with this crank are super high quality, and will stand up to hours of super-high RPM's with no problem! There is no need to replace the needle bearings on this one - just drop it in and run!

For best performance, pair with high quality crankshaft bearings and seals with an appropriate heat rating. As always, professional installation with proper compounds and shims is a must for optimal performance.

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