VForce 3 Stage6 8 Petal Gila / AM6 Reed Block
Stage6 8 Petal Reed Block for Puch Gila

Lucky Price: $99.99


Moto Tassinari V-Force3 8 petal reed block, Stage 6 edition - for Puch 74cc 47mm Gilardoni cylinders. Perhaps one the best performance upgrades you can make on your Gila kit. The amount of untapped power this releases is unparrelled. Just ask Justin...

Also fits Derbi flatreed 4 petal reed blocks, Aprila rs50, Derbi GPR & Senda, or anything with a Minarelli AM6 engine. Also randomly fits Yamaha Chappy! If you're having trouble getting it to fit, we sell a 5mm spacer as well.

-62mm x 37mm mounting holes -reed portion needs a hole around 48mm x 37mm -0.3mm reeds. If you need extra gaskets, grab them here.

-Double the reed tip surface over a conventional reed valve design -Increased bottom end, stronger mid-range and longer top-end -Greater efficiency due to reduced reed petal travel -More airflow means more horsepower -Reduced reed petal wear -Screw free design eliminates risk of screws going through motor -Screw free design enables super quick reed petal changes

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