Stage6 R/T PWK 21mm Carburetor
Stage6 R/T PWK 21mm Moped Carburetor

Lucky Price: $139.99


Stage6 R/T Carburetor, 21mm - scooter tech brought to the world of mopeds! Impressive-looking in black finish, the Stage6 R/T series carburetors are manufactured with extreme precision to ensure proper air and fuel flow throughout - the build quality is a huge jump up from the OKO PWK carbs, and tuning is extremely straightforward compared to the quirkiness of the Polini CP series.

The 21mm version is well suited to 70cc moped cylinders (or high flowing 50's), as well as most 50cc-70cc shifter bikes.

Mounting OD is 35mm. Air filter mounting OD is 50mm. Grab a velocity stack for even more RPM's.

Uses these main jets and these idle jets. 110 Main Jet and 42 Pilot Jet Stock.

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