Stage6 Reed Valve for Hobbit with DIO Intake
Stage6 Reed Valve for Hobbit with DIO Intake

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Wild performance Stage6 reed block and reeds for Honda Hobbits with DIO intake setups (or I guess for DIO's themselves, but who would have that?). Comes with .3mm reeds AND .4mm for ultimate tunability.

Stage6 claims that this design is the best for these bikes because of they actually open more than 8-petal designs like the VForce type and therefore let more air through. We have not gotten a chance to install and test 'em, but we will be doing so this summer and we'll report back on the results. The mad scientists of the moped world are pretty divided on which reeds are best. Buy these things and you can find out the truth!

.3mm reeds with an extra set of .4mm reeds.

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