Tomos A35 + A55 Dream Team Tuning Clutch
Tomos A35 + A55 Dream Team Tuning Clutch

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Beautifully designed and expertly welded high quality clutch made by our friends at Dream Team Tuning for Tomos A35 and A55. Included is a modified balanced Tomos clutch bell and a handmade 1st gear clutch. The clutch pad material is made out of reinforced kevlar. Use your stock 2nd gear clutch with this!

This clutch brings the speed and reliability from KTM clutch engineering to the Tomos platform. The clutch engagement mechanism is controlled by a stack of cupped washers, you tune the engagement by adding or subtracting the cupped washers.

Each clutch comes with an array of shims and cupped washers to help you tune your clutch to your setup. You could even try replacing the washers with a spring! Go wild!

Don't forget to loctite the allen screws so they don't back out while you're running it. This design and engineering on this blows our old Lucky Tomos clutch out of the water. You've - got - to -try - this. Report back!

Be sure to grab the clutch holder tool made by Dream Team, designed specifically for this clutch to make it easier to quickly change out the washers for tuning.

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