motobecane CDI ignition - le partie
motobecane CDI ignition - le partie

Lucky Price: $76.99


12v CDI ignition for all motobecane mopeds - av7 or av10, 50v or 51v. Includes everything you see pictured - turkey baster strap on ignition coil, secret black capacitor discharge ignition box, stator plate with all the fixins, flywheel with woody slot, and some spark plug wire, score! double score! O' what a time to be alive!

when you get this fine product take it apart and put it together with 8.8 grade bolts and loctite. skip this step and tomorrow you will be sorry.

oh and if you need any help installing your cdi here's two very helpful links, for general cdi help

this flywheel nut may be the jam if you still have a reverse threaded crank

the flywheel has a 100mm outer diameter in case ya need that for some reason

more wiring info HERE for you.

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