Puch Gilardoni 74cc Cylinder Kit
Puch Moped Gilardoni 74cc Cylinder Kit

Lucky Price: $245.99


Puch 47mm 74cc Gilardoni race cylinder kit. This is a perfect example of flawless manufacturing and performance. Set this thing up right and you'll be getting pulled over for speeding faster than you can say "it was worth it."

As with the other 47mm Puch kits, you will have to bore your stock cases out in order to install. Unlike the others, however, you may not have to weld additional material to the cases in order to match the transfers. The Gilardoni cylinder features an angled exhaust port, meaning that you will have to modify your existing (flat port) exhaust, or purchase an angle-port pipe like the Homoet P8 PSR.

While you can use the reed block that comes with the kit, we would strongly encourage you to run a higher-performance setup - we've had great results with the VForce 3 8-Petal Reeds. If you are having trouble with intake spacing, try this 5mm spacer.

Kit includes:
(1) 47mm cylinder head
(1) 47mm 74cc cylinder
(1) 47mm piston
(1) 47mm x 2mm L piston ring
(1) 47mm x 1.5mm GI piston ring
(1) wrist pin
(2) wrist pin clips
(1) gasket set
(1) 4 petal reed block

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